Enjoy more depth of life and biz as you learn to master your mind. Enjoy higher levels of energy and 
excellence by jumping right into The Leadership Pioneer Group.

Welcome to High Performance Coaching.

Enjoy more depth of life and biz as you learn to master your mind. Enjoy higher levels of energy and 
Welcome to High Performance Coaching.

5-Days to Fierce Focus Virtual Course
for you.
or your team.

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Ditch the overwhelm and procrastination and discover science-backed High Performance Habits that'll bring ease and flow to your day.

Give yourself permission to play at another level. It's time to explore your potential in biz and life when you dial in these "ruthless rituals."

We all know what got us this far, won't necessarily take our biz through the the next decade successfully.


Join Trisha for 75 MINS of leadership-transforming coaching and high performance training each month. 

Learn and grow in a social learning environment alongside other leadership-driven professionals that "get you" and your "crazy" love of your work.  

Be a pioneer of change in your community by discovering some of the highest level teachings, frameworks and habits from Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, Ethan Willis and research from the High Performance Institute.

Each month, Trisha teaches these new concepts exclusively here, answers questions, helps you navigate obstacles and gets you thinking BIGGER.

Imagine this: You get the SAME life coach, high performance trainer and NLP practitioner hired by top owners and professionals bringing massive change and service to the world through passion in business. 

Many pay thousands to be coached by her but you pay just $39/month to be a member of this group coaching program! Click below to learn more.

New Insights and Tools for the Intelligent and Mindful Professional

A 3-Step Guide to more Accomplished Days.

The above says it all. 3 Steps. A plan. A process. Something new to tap into and challenge your workflow. Just as your biz needs to pivot post Pandemic, so does how you manage your daily workflow. Step out of the comfortable way you've done things. Novelty is proven to boost productivity and focus. If you're a person of growth, download this now for free. If you're the person that lets stuff like this sit in the printer for months before you engage it, then you need this even more!

Practical Vision and Action Planner

Take your dreams from the clouds to the streets. Use this proven high performance-based planning method quarterly to re-prioritize your dreams and the action items necessary to get you there. If you want to perform at your best, don’t settle for less. Download now for Free.

Get Trisha's authority in front of your Team

Wouldn't it be compelling to have a fresh set of eyes, ears, and presence to jazz up and motivate your team this quarter? Your returning staff are not the same staff you had prior to the pandemic. Leading them this year must be different than past years if you want them to THRIVE. Contact Trisha today to schedule a customized in-person or virtual Workshop. Request dates and details now.

Think Bigger. The World Needs You at Your Best. Let Me Help You.

Let me curate your development one-on-one for 90 days.

It's time to focus on what matters. Most know more about celebrities going into rehab, than they do their own personal development.

And success without fulfillment sucks. You don't wanna be the richest man in the graveyard. Die with a billion dollars, or die loved by billions? 

Relationships, emotional agility, behavioral flexibility are seriously important to the success of your life and biz. Over time, we get stuck in our ways, in our engagement with work, in our relationships and health. 

If spreading yourself thin, being frustrated, uncertain and indecisive is the norm...if you dabble but never commit... 
let's change that together. 

Let me guide you through a science-backed process that will activate and elevate your potential. I'll teach you the one thing that'll bring you sustainable growth...mastering your mind. I'm obsessed with personal development's role in changing your life. Because it changed mine. 

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-1 book, now in the hands of our fellow readers - and you!

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